Meridian integrates autonomous systems into smart connected multimodal communities

We are empowering autonomous vehicle operation with a robotic system that has evolved for over 10 years. Our new generation SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) provides best in-class accuracy with our dynamically updated proprietary mapping and localization software. Utilizing this innovative suite of technologies, Meridian does not rely on GPS for localization, enabling greater accuracy and operational flexibility in any environment - including indoors.

We are committed to safety. We work with state and federal DOTs, as well as some of the most respected industry partners to ensure software and operational safety standards are met or exceeded as we move towards certification. We ensure our manufacturing partners are equally committed as we jointly certify all relevant systems on their vehicles.

Meridian employs multiple safety and operational redundancies in all critical operations of the self-driving vehicles. We utilize a combination of sensors, through a fusion approach to provide overlapping environmental awareness enabling the vehicle to determine its own whereabouts while adhering to approved routes. Our autonomous vehicles use a unique combination of long and short-range LIDAR, RADAR, stereo cameras, and ultrasonic sensors. Our system has 360° visual ability that allows it to detect obstacles, pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles to be able to make informed trajectory decisions. Lastly, with our virtual supervisory system, a human is always in the loop and in communication with the vehicle.

Focused on "urban-speed" autonomous solutions, Meridian is working to solve a variety of mobility challenges that will enrich our society. We are creating smart, connected environments in which we integrate with existing transport modes, infrastructures, and traffic management systems to ensure that people experience the ease of seamless mobility - safe, effective, efficient, and enjoyable.